"Data curation is the management of data throughout its lifecycle, from creation and initial storage to the time when it is archived for posterity or becomes obsolete and is deleted. The main purpose of data curation is to ensure that data is reliably retrievable for future research purposes or reuse." - TechTarget

Data Storage - It all starts with the confidence of knowing that your data is protected and always available. We want to help you make sure that your data is always available and that you are storing your data in the most efficient manner based on your requirements.


Whether this means taking advantage of capabilities such as data-deduplication, incremental forever, snapshots, virtualization, etc. with on-premise/hybrid/cloud-first delivery models, we will custom tailor a solution to make sure that you are protected.

Archiving - Whether you are a commercial enterprise, government agency, or school, you likely have internal policies and compliance regulations which dictate how long you are required to keep your data for. You want to make sure you are adhering to these policies and guidelines without breaking the bank. We offer solutions which archive and retain your data in a secure fashion, by putting the right data in the right location based on your accessibility requirements.

eDiscovery - You have those policies and regulations for a reason, right? You want to make sure that you have retained the data you are required to keep without potentially putting your organization at risk by keeping redundant, obsolete, stale, or harmful data. In keeping with the EDRM model, we provide solutions which aid your organization all the way from Information Management through Production and Review.


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